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Contents : Dr.RECKEWEG R Nos. 1- 89
Packing : 22 ml
Price : $10.00 per unit
Quantity :
Description :

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  Dosage Generally 2-3
times daily 10-15 drops in a little water before meals, eventually to be taken
alternatively with other remedies.     


Dr.Reckeweg R1 Inflammation Drops 

Dr.Reckeweg R2 Essentia Aurea-Gold Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R3 Heart Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R4 Diarrhoea Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R5 Stomach Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R6 Influenza Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R7 Liver And Gallbladder Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R8 Cough Syrup

Dr.Reckeweg R9 Cough Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R10 Climacteric Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R11 Rheumatism Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R12 Calcification Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R13 Hemorrhoidal Drops

Dr.Reckeweg R14 Nerve And Sleep

Dr.Reckeweg R16 Migraine And Neuralgia Drops

Tumour Drops                                      

Kidney and Bladder Drops                               

Glandular Drops for Men                                  

Glandular Drops for Women                             

Reconstituant Drops ( To increase reactivity)                             

Drops for Nervous Disorders                            

Eczema Drops                          

Pleurisy, Intercostal Neuralgia                           

Prostate Drops                                     

Draining and Stimulating Drops                                     

Kidney Stone Drops                             

Exhaustion due to loss of blood                                     

Vertigo , Syncope Drops                                  

Universal Ointment                               

Increases Appetite and Blood supply                            

Excessive Perspiration                                      

Epilepsy Drops                                     

Recalcifying Drops                                

Teething Aches Drops                                      

Nervous Disease                                  

Intestinal Colic Drops                                       

Affections of the abdomen-right side                             

Affections of the abdomen-left side                   

Diabetes Drops                                    

Sexual weakness Drops                                    

Varicose Veins                                     

Asthma Drops                                      

Disorders of the Blood Circulation                                

Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynx                                       

Rheumatism of fore-arms and hands                              

All Hysteric Complaints            

Pulmonary Respiratory Diseases                       

Sinus Drops                              

Gynae Sacroiliac complaints                              

Thyroid-Hyper Drops                           

Vomiting, Nausea and Travel Sickness                                      

Acne Vulgaris and Pimples                                

Memory Drops                                     

Injuries, healing Drops                                      

Worms Drops                                      

Pulmonary Tonic                                   

Against Hydrops                                   

Obesity and Weight Drops                                

Blood Purifier Drops                             

Measles Drops                         

Drops for Impaired Circulation                                      

Excessive protein in urine Drops                                    

Psoriasis Drops                                    

Irregular Heart Beat Drops                               

Heart Circulatory Debility Drops                                   

Shingles skin rash Drops                       

Drops for Pain between the Ribs                                   

Neuralgia Drops                                   

Sciatica Drops                                      

Pancreas Drops                                    

Joint-Pain Drops                                   

Bed Wetting Drops                                           

Asthma Forte Drops                             

Anti-Smoking Drops                             

Eye care - Drops for drinking                            

Analgesic Drops                                   

Anti-Fungal Drops                                

Food- Allergy Drops                            

Inhalent Allergy Drops                                      

High Blood Pressure Drops                              

Low Blood Sugar Drops                                   

Anti-Bacterial Drops                             

Anti-Viral Drops                                   

Hair Care Drops                                   

             Vita-C 15       
Nerve Tonic (Anxiety,Depression,Tension) 

             Vita-C 15 forte            Nerve Tonic (Fatigue, Physical Stress)             
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