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Contents : GEFITINIB-250
Packing : 30
Price : $300.00 per unit
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Although, it is true that science has not succeeded to keep the ball in its court when it is the war declared against cancer, science is no more a slave of it too. And, if it is detected at its first stage, it is 100% curable.

Description- Modern life style, luxury, pollution and some bad habits have welcomed cancer like deadly diseases. When it is about Lung cancer, the most common chronic disease among urban dwellers across the globe, has overtaken cervical and breast cancer, the common problem among women and this chronic disease has stood as a terror before mankind spreading swiftly, threatening every time. According to estimates, one in 26 urban dwellers above 40 is at risk. If lung cancer is diagnosed early, the chances of cure and survival rates improve significantly. After the age of 40 consult with an oncologist at regular intervals leads to early detection and if you are a chain smoker then the chances are at the pick.

Medication- To bat this chronic disease geftinat-250mg is a very useful tablet manufactured by the world renowned brand GEFTINAT pharmaceuticals. GEFTINAT is a prescribed medication and available across the globe. Creating many stories of success has earned a good name among oncologists.

How to use- Geftinat-250mg tablet is an orally taken anti-cancer medication that most oncologists pen across the globe, better if not taken in an empty stomach. It is advised to consume consulting a physician. Dosage depends on your health condition and how long the cells are affected; that is your physician’s business not yours. Otherwise, side effects may let you suffer more.

Side effects- GEFTINAT is a very low side effect medication. But, as it is a higher antibiotic, side effects are very common like others do. So there is nothing to be worry for mild reactions. Itching, diarrhea, rashes, dry skin and hair fall are very common after its consumption but if it is more than normal or results worsen, immediately consult your doctor.

Precaution and warnings - For your kind information, it is strictly advised that GEFTINAT-250mg tablet is a prescription drug and should be consumed under proper medical guidance. It’s available in the form of tablet in a plastic bottle caped with 30 tablets. GEFTINAT is not a common medicine to share with others who are suffering from the same problem or like that. Only a certified physician has the official right to advice. Apart from this, a bottle without original seal and closed package must be avoided. Check its original seal and package are not broken before buying.
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