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Packing : 120
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Containing 100% herbal contents, the King Cobra capsules are very effective medication for penis enlargement. Herbs from different parts of the world have been formulated into these tablets which not only increase the penis size but also increase the libido hormones which play an active part in increasing the pleasure during sexual intercourse. Most of the consumers would get to see the results within 1 week of consuming the tablets. Though there are no claims on the definite penis growth, the tablet, through various tests and market feedback has shown that a man can increase their penis growth by almost 3 inches during the course of 3 months if he consumes King Cobra capsules. Besides increasing the penis size, the King Cobra capsule is extremely helpful to patients who have erectile dysfunction. The herbal contents present in this drug make it easier for the blood to engorge with the erectile tissues so that a person can have a tight and prolonged erection. The Penis Enlargement Pills come in dosage quantity of 120mg.

Warnings and Precautions- Patients below the age of 18 years and above the age of 70 years are not advised to take King cobra capsule as they can lead to unwanted side effects that maybe fatal for the health. Make sure that you do not take the medication in excess and follow the instructions given on the pack so that you get the right treatment in the right manner. To achieve the finest results you also have to make sure that you do not skip any dosage which would slow down the growth process.

Side Effects- Since the tablets are made with 100% herbal content and are sold in the non-prescription medications category, it is certain that these tablets do not have any side effects. However, if there is any kind of allergy that you have with the ingredients in the tablet then you must take medical advice as soon as possible so as to avoid any health complications.

Directions To Use- Taking 2 King Cobra capsules two times a day for a period of 3 months is enough for a person wanting to have a larger penis. It is better to take the Penis Enlargement Pills before meals as the effect of the herbs increases. Therefore, taking 2 King Cobra capsules before breakfast and 2 before you go to bed would ensure you the best results for your penis enlargement.

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