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Packing : 4
Price : $2.50 per Pill / Capsule
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Description :
Manforce:- is an oral medication, indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. This tablet falls into the category of medications called PDE-5 inhibitor, which works by making better blood circulation to the penis and allows impotent men to attain an erection when sexually encouraged. Available in pills of 50mg & 100mg, manforce tablets aid you sustain an erection during sexual activity.

Directions:- Use Manforce 100mg tablets as directed by your medical practitioner.

Consume Manforce tablets orally with or without meals. The medication may not show intended results as promptly if you consume it with a high-fat meal.

  • Manforce is normally consumed about 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse; but, it may be consumed anywhere from 4 hours to a half hour prior to sexual intercourse. Be in touch with your medical practitioner and ask about the suitable way to consume the medication.

  • Manforce can assist you achieve an erection when sexual activity happens. An erection will not come only by consuming a pill.

  • Never consume more than the suggested dose or consume it more frequently than one time in a day, or as indicated by your health care provider.

  • Suppose you forget a dose of Viagra and you still think to involve in sexual activity, consume it as soon as you recall. Make sure you consume it as indicated by your medical practitioner.

Possible Side effects:- Similar to all prescription drugs, Manforce has the possibility to cause potential side effects in certain patients. Some of the possible side effects involve muscle pain, diarrhea, sneezing, sleep disorder, fever, blood noses, skin infection, continuous pain in the head, nasal congestion, trouble breathing, normally warm skin.

If indications turn bad, get in touch with your medical practitioner.

Warning:- Inform your health care provider if you have a hypersensitivity reaction to any other prescription drug, dyes, food preservatives, or any other substance. In addition, make sure your medical practitioner is informed that you are pregnant, going to turn pregnant, or breastfeeding, along with information of any other prescription, generic or herbal supplements.

Note:- Tobacco, beverage and citrus fruit juice should be avoided as they may interact with Manforce, so be in touch with your medical practitioner and ask about the use of these substances while consuming this drug.


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