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Contents : FINASTERIDE-1mg
Packing : 10
Price : $8.00 per Blister / Bottle
Free 30 pills with each order of 90 Pills
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Description :

Baldness is a great problem that most of men suffer from. Are you uncomfortable with your appearance? Or, is this downing your self-esteem? Don’t worry dear. A wide range of hair solutions are available, choose one and give self a young look.

Male Pattern Baldness- Hair loss or baldness is a great problem of men after 40, sometimes before. It is technically termed as Alopecia and specially refers to general hair loss or male pattern baldness. It is because of many causes such as fungal infection, traumatic damage, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Some nutritional deficiencies also involved. The first sign of hair loss or thinning could be noticed by hair left in the comb or hair fallen in the basin after wash. This not only harms your appearance and good looking rather causes psychological stress. Although it is a sensitive issue for both sexes, men suffer more.

Gene and male sex hormone are closely related to male pattern baldness that causes receding hairline and hair lining on the crown. It usually begins at the hairline and gradually moves backward. So, it is very tough to identify at the early stage. Other medical conditions discussed above are also very harmful but only sick people suffer from. A lot options are left before you if you are uncomfortable with your appearance. You may go under hair weaving, hair transplant or surgical methods available.

Propecia 1mg Tablet Medication- But, if willing for oral medication, PROPECIA 1mg is the best option, which is highly prescribed across the globe, satisfying a large number of consumers. You can take Propecia 1mg Tablet in an empty stomach or with food, no problem. But consult a physician about medication you are consuming before or medical conditions suffering from, like allergy. Make a query with your doctor or pharmacist about its consumption.

A room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C) is better for storage. Keep in a tightly-closed container. Don’t take 2 doses once. If you miss a dose and remember the same day, take it as soon as possible. Otherwise skip a dose but don’t add the dose the next day. It is wise to contact your local poison control center or emergency ward immediately if over dose is suspected.

Propecia Finasteride 1mg Tablet may take several months to work as works slowly. This does not mean that it I less active rather growth of hair I is a slow process by nature. So, there is nothing to be worry about if it takes near about 1 year.

Propecia 1mg Tablet is not for women. It has no side effect that will harm you. If you experience something like that, better consult your physician.


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