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Valgan -Valganciclovir

Valgan -Valganciclovir
Contents : Valganciclovir
Packing : 4 per blister
Price : $45.00 per Blister / Bottle
Quantity :
Description :
Valganciclovir is an anti-viral medication used for treating patients who have Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis (an eye infection which can cause blindness). This condition occurs in people who are suffering from AIDS and those who have had a kidney, heart or pancreas transplant (as these patients have higher risks of getting affected by Cytomegalovirus retinitis). The medicine works by preventing the virus from spreading and causing Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis. This medication does not claim to completely treat CMV retinitis but can help a person control the
infection caused by the virus.

Warnings and Precautions- Tell your doctor about any allergies from valganciclovir, ganciclovir, acyclovir and any other medication. It is recommended that you stop taking acyclovir or ganciclovir while you are taking valganciclovir. Inform your doctor about any herbal
products, proteins, vitamins, supplements and any other medicinal item you are consuming so that to avoid any unwanted interactions with valgan (valganciclovir). Also, mentioning any health problems like seizures, eye problems excluding CMV retinitis, hypertension, increased calcium content in the body, liver or kidney problems or any treatments related to the kidneys and liver which you are currently undergoing would help avoid major setbacks that can occur with your health. Do not consume more or less than the prescribed quantity.

Make yourself aware of the mental and physical effects that the medicine can have on you. You should not operate any machinery or drive a vehicle until you are able to control these abnormal effects. Nursing females should also not take this medicine as the drug may pass through the breast milk and cause health problems to the child.

If a man fathers a child during the time he is taking valganciclovir, it may be possible that the child would be born with deformities. Using condom during sex even after 90 days from stopping the consumption of the drug can prevent this situation. Crushing or breaking the tablet should not be done as it would be tampering with the right amount of dosage you are required to take. The last and most important thing is to not allow anyone else use your medicine.

Side Effects- Valganciclovir can cause certain side effects which may be or may not be harmful for your health depending on how much dosage are you taking and other physical factors. Some of the side effects include back pain, thirst, vomiting, problem walking, headaches, swelling in the legs, loss of appetite, diarrhea, seizures, numbness, tingling in hands or feet or both, rashes, hives, decreased urination, flashes, swelling in the ankles, feet and hands, shaking hands and itching. There are other side effects which valganciclovir trigger but most of them depend on their occurrence from person to person.

Directions To Use- Valgan tablets should be taken with food twice or thrice a day. Taking the medicine with food will help boost the action process of the drug. The tablets have to be swallowed not chewed. Carefully read the instructions and warnings mentioned on the cover pack. The medicine from any broken pill should be cleaned off from the skin so that to avoid any danger to the eyes and the skin. Keep in touch with your doctor to get yourself checked for any improvement in your condition. The doctor would accordingly make any required changes in the dosage amount considering your current condition.
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